Congreso Colombiano de Psicología

Títulos obtenidos

- Associate Professor of Development and Educational Psychology.


- Associate Professor of Development and Educational Psychology, University of Salerno, Italy.
- Visiting professor of Psychology, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.


Giuseppina Marsico is Associate Professor of Development and Educational Psychology at the University of Salerno (Italy), Visiting scholar at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, U.S., Visiting Professor at Ph.D Programme in Psychology, Federal University of Bahia, (Brazil), Visiting Professor at East China Normal University and Associate Professor II at University of Oslo. She is President Elect of the American Psychological Association-Division 52 International Psychology and President Elect of the European Society of Psychology Learning and Teaching (ESPLAT). She is a 20 years experienced researcher, with a proven international research network. She is Editor-in-chief of the Book Series Cultural Psychology of Education (Springer), Latin American Voices – Integrative Psychology and Humanities (Springer), co-editor of SpringerBriefs Psychology and Cultural Developmental Sciences (together with Jaan Valsiner) and Annals of Cultural Psychology: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind and Society (InfoAge Publishing, N.C.,U.S., together with Carlos Cornejo e Jaan Valsiner). She is also co-editor of Human Arenas. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Psychology, Culture and Meaning (Springer) and of Trends in Psychology (Springer), Associate Editor of Cultural & Psychology Journal (Sage) and Social Psychology of Education (Springer), and member of the editorial board of several international academic journals, (i.e. IPBS- Integrative Psychological & Behavioural Science, Springer). Her academic tracks and list of publications include two complementary lines of investigations: 1) an educational-focused research activity where prof. Marsico is the leading figure of the new field of Cultural Psychology of Education; 2) a cultural oriented interdisciplinary perspective based on both theoretical and empirical investigation, focusing on the borders as a new ontogenetic perspective in psychology and other social sciencesProf. Marsico has established a new research field called Developmetnal Mereotopology.

Defining well being form a culturally oriented perspective

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